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Almost every morning for the past eight years, Derek Jones has typed out and shared random thoughts for his Facebook followers.


“There are quotes that can help you if you’re having a bad day, quotes that can motivate you, quotes telling you things you need to do to better yourself and quotes telling you things you shouldn’t do. It’s all about positivity. I want to stay away from negatives, but I’m going to be honest.”


Jones now uses Twitter to relay these messages of hope to more than 28,000 followers. In both cases, he adds the hashtag #Ap2w.

Jones was approached with the idea of writing a book, to which he replied, “I don’t have time to write a book. The demands of my schedule, with what I do, is a 24 hours a day job.”


“Ap2w” did happen and is being published by Derek Jones' company Ap2w LLC. Derek hopes the company will produce wristbands and sweatshirts, along with introducing him to new public speaking opportunities.

Excerpts From The Book

“You can’t blame anyone but yourself for never accomplishing or achieving the things you never tried to accomplish or achieve.”

“If people don’t volunteer to tell you information they probably don’t want you to know. Personal business starts with personal for a reason.”


“When it comes to relationships it doesn’t matter what obstacles you’re faced with as long as you’re ready and willing to face them together.”


“Don’t make a lot of false resolutions. Just strive to be better today than you were yesterday and better tomorrow than you will be today.”


“As hard as it may be sometimes you have to make a decision to separate yourself from people that are holding you back in order to move forward.”


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