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This Christmas

Give the Gift of Encouragement

With a college football coaching career spanning nearly two decades at institutions as revered as Duke University and Ole Miss, Derek Jones has influenced the lives of countless young men, both on and off the field. He uses a decidedly 21st century tool to impart wisdom to all who are interested through Facebook. His inspiring posts deliver sound advice on character, leadership, teamwork, hard work and respect. He writes for his fans, his fellow coaches, athletes, friends, family, his three daughters – and anyone who can take something away from his experiences. 

Now, everyone has access to Derek’s remarkable insights in his new book, “Always Play to Win.” This compilation of his favorite Facebook quotes is full of lessons from a man blessed to have grown up with a strong support system and who hopes others can benefit from what he has learned along the way. With topics ranging from setting priorities and communicating effectively to dealing with drama and cultivating important relationships, this book will encourage you to “Always Play to Win.” 

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